Boeng - Coffee Syphon - Black
Boeng - Coffee Syphon - Black

Boeng - Coffee Syphon - Black

LE 1,700.00
Product Description

5 cup capacity: This syphon coffee maker provides good quantity of 3 cups serve of delicous coffee, perfect for serving 3-4 people. Make your coffee in style with a nice amount of serves to your guests or families

★ Material: Made of quality heat resistant glass and polypropylene made in other parts. Easy and durable to use without making a mess while brewing your tasty coffee.

★ Easy to use: this syphon coffee maker with its alcohol burner continuously provides consistent heat throughout the coffee brewing process and extract the flavour and scent.

★ Flexible : Achieve precise brew consistency and personalization by establishing your own temperature and coffee to water ratios

★ Everything you need: This coffee syphon maker comes with own wood stirrer, 1x long coffee plastic spoon for coffee powder, 1 x cotton wick for the alcohol burner, and cloth filters for the coffee grounds.

Kindly Tips:

This is a 5 cup syphon coffee maker, serve for 3-4 people.


Works on expansion and contraction of water vapor.

Grounds are put in the top container and water in the bottom.

As the water heats up it evaporates into the top container with the coffee.

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