DeLonghi - fully automatic coffee machine model ECAM23.460.B (Raya 2 Y
DeLonghi - fully automatic coffee machine model ECAM23.460.B (Raya 2 Years Warranty)
DeLonghi - fully automatic coffee machine model ECAM23.460.B (Raya 2 Years Warranty)

DeLonghi - fully automatic coffee machine model ECAM23.460.B (Raya 2 Years Warranty)

LE 40,999.00 LE 43,999.00
Product Description
Bold Brews - Intenso Espresso Coffee Beans - 2kg+ 2 Espresso coffee cup
DeLonghi fully automatic coffee machine model ECAM23.460.B
Automatic coffee machine With 2 thermoblocks, it helps to get the finest milk froth like a Latte Creama System. You can enjoy the thick and fluffy milk foam in the true Italian way and enjoy a variety of menus with just one touch of a button. The machine grinds fresh coffee beans and is followed by the perfect pressure and temperature to achieve the Perfect Cup of Coffice with every press. You can enjoy your favorite espresso. , the fragrant aroma in the morning with Lungo or the soft fragrance with special milk foam with The perfect cappuccino, let the ECAM23.460.B be your assistant.
Built-in coffee grinder Helps you get the taste of fresh coffee in every cup of yours.
LatteCrema system that can automatically froth milk at the touch of a finger In addition, the milk frother can be removed for cleaning.
Brewing the perfect cup of coffee with precise temperature and up to 15 bar pressure will give your espresso shots a nice crema.
Create the perfect taste with unique technology from De'Longhi.
The machine is made of good stainless steel. There is a front display screen. Beautiful, outstanding, modern
vacuum coffee bean container
The vacuum bean storage container helps to lock in the freshness of quality coffee beans. You can get all the aroma and flavor from the coffee beans you like at 100% and also has a built-in coffee bean grinder. that can choose the resolution by yourself Comes with a coffee grinder gear made of Good stainless steel Stronger and more durable (The conical steel grinders) so you don't miss every taste.

Always experience the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
De'Longhi's tubeless coffee powder system minimizes the amount of coffee left in the machine and the grinder unit. So you always get fresh coffee from the seed to your cup.
Automatic milk frothing system
2 thermoblock heating systems built into the machine provide precise temperatures, one controlling the brewing temperature and the other controlling the brewing temperature and pressure. Milk frother and milk frother that can choose to froth milk, cappuccino or hot milk with a single press.
There is a built-in cleaning system.
for good hygiene of the machine We have designed the milk frother with a built-in cleaning system. After the drink is finished All parts of the carafe that come into contact with fresh milk are automatically washed with hot water and steam coming out of the machine. to make you most comfortable
Size (Width x Height x Length): 23.8x43.0x34.0 cm.
Weight (kg): 9
Voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220-240V 50/60Hz, 220-240V 50/60Hz
Input power (watts): 1450
Machine color: black
Coffee function "Cappuccino" : ✓
Coffee aroma lock : ✓
Sound signal : ✓
Auto power off : ✓
Coffee container capacity (grams): 250
Milk froth automatic cleaning reminder: ✓
Coffee grounds container capacity: 14 cups
Using coffee grounds: ✓
Cup holder: ✓
De'Longhi LatteCrema System: ✓
Auto Clean and Clean descaling program: ✓

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