Manual Wood Coffee Bean Grinder Delicate Shape
Manual Wood Coffee Bean Grinder Delicate Shape

Manual Wood Coffee Bean Grinder Delicate Shape

LE 365.00 LE 425.00
Product Description
 piece up or down. When the upper part is thicker and lower, the lower part should be adjusted to a gap of 0.25mm to avoid increased friction or stoppage. When the adjustment piece is adjusted, a buckle and other accessories can be installed to operate.
Grind the coffee beans before cooking each time
Coffee beans that are ground before cooking can best release the aroma of coffee. So the best time to grind coffee is before making coffee. Ground coffee is easy to oxidize and lose its fragrance. Especially in the absence of proper storage, the coffee powder is also easy to change the taste, and of course it is impossible to cook fragrant coffee. It is recommended that when grinding with a grinder, do not grind too many beans at one time, just enough volume for one serving. This is because the longer the grinder is used at a time, the more prone to heat, indirectly causing the coffee beans to be heated during the grinding process and the aroma to be released in advance, which will affect the aroma of the cooked coffee.
Easy to operate
, just put the coffee beans into the coffee grinder bowl and turn the knob a few times. The ground coffee then falls into the tray and thus you have coffee.
Exact shape
Manual Driven Grinder Antique style design makes your cooking more enjoyable with this hand coffee bean grinder.
Scope of application
Perfect for coffee shop displays, as a birthday gift, or simply for grinding coffee beans.

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