René - Chocolate Dolce Gusto Pods -16 capsules

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René - Chocolate Dolce Gusto Pods -16 capsules
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René - Chocolate Dolce Gusto Pods -16 capsules

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Product Description

Your Dolce Gusto machine can make more than just coffee – it can also brew a delicious cup of hot and creamy cocoa.

Café René’s Chocolate is a hot chocolate with a round and intense taste. It tastes great warm on a cold winter’s day, but can also be chilled in the fridge and enjoyed cold on a summer’s day, an extremely refreshing drink over a few ice cubes.

Café René’s Chocolate has been created for adults, but its delicious chocolate flavour will please any palate.
This is a delicious hot chocolate with a rich and creamy body, sure to satisfy the strongest chocolate cravings.

With a pod, it’s easy to brew a perfect cup of hot chocolate, and you save on all the hassle of finding cocoa powder, sugar and milk, and all the mess afterwards.

So whether the hot chocolate is for yourself, your children or grandchildren, Café René has made it easy to brew a delicious creamy hot chocolate in no time.

Café René is a trademark of a third party not affiliated with Dolce Gusto®.

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