Stainless Steel Spoon with Sealing Clip

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Order Stainless Steel Spoon with Sealing Clip for LE 99.00 at Coffee & Cream, All your coffee needs in one place. Shop Coffee, Beans, Ground Coffee, Instant Coffee, Creamers, Coffee Machines, Blenders, and more. 50+ Brands Monin, Lavazza, Starbucks, Nespr

Stainless Steel Spoon with Sealing Clip

LE 99.00
Product Description
1. One cup measure to create the perfect coffee, whether it's instant or bean coffee.
2. The product is equipped with alligator clips to ensure that your coffee is kept sealed and fresh.
3. Each spoon has a clip, which can hold coffee bags, milk powder bags, cocoa powder bags, etc., to ensure that they are always fresh and not deteriorated.

Healthy and strong.
Easy to clean.

Product attribute
Material: stainless steel
Style: western
Category: spoon

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