Okka Turkish machine, personal blenders and more by Arzum in Egypt
Find all your favorite Arzum products from Turkish coffee makers, to personal blenders, kettles, tea makers and more on Coffee and Cream and get them delivered anywhere in Egypt.


Arzum - Tea maker -AR3083-White

LE 2,100.00LE 2,299.00

Arzum - Okka Porcelain Coffee Cup (Set Of 2) – 70 ml

LE 265.00LE 299.00

Arzum - Okka Minio Jet Turkish Coffee Machine -OK0013-X Copper

LE 2,650.00

Arzum - Tea maker -AR3083-Black

LE 2,100.00

Arzum - Okka Minio Turkish Coffee Machine OK004 - Black Copper

LE 2,999.00

Arzum - Kettle 1.7 L- AR3067-Red

LE 750.00

Arzum - Fuente Kettle AR3041 - Silver

LE 878.00

Arzum -Turkish Coffee Machine - OK002-Black/Chrome

LE 11,999.00

Arzum -Turkish Coffee Machine - OK002-Black/Silver

LE 11,999.00

Arzum - Personal Blender -AR1032-Pink

LE 2,199.00