Mentos - Mix Fruits Soda Can - 240 ml (Imported)

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Mentos - Mix Fruits Soda Can - 240 ml (Imported)

Mentos - Mix Fruits Soda Can - 240 ml (Imported)

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Product Description

Not contempt with dominating the chewy mint market, Mentos are making the groundbreaking step into the drinks game with their Fruity Mix Soda cans. It's the drink you can chew. 

A delicious non-carbonated soft drink with a refreshing fruity mix flavour with chewy, jelly bits inside. Inspired by their popular Fruit Chewy Dragees.

Mentos are a popular choice, and the Fruity Mix Soda cans are sure to be just as popular. Be sure to display these slimline cans inside your drinks fridge to ensure a refreshing drink for your customers and to maximise sales. 

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