René - Ethiopia Dolce Gusto Pods -16 capsules

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René - Ethiopia Dolce Gusto Pods -16 capsules

René - Ethiopia Dolce Gusto Pods -16 capsules

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Product Description

The best-selling RENE series   is an extraordinary collection that stands out with its aroma and unique taste. Just one sip effectively stimulates all the senses and takes you to a world full of intense sensations.

Belonging to the  Single Origin series, Rene Ethiopia  is  100% Arabica beans  from  Ethiopia . It owes its  high acidity  and vinous, slightly nutty aroma  to  the medium degree of roasting of  carefully selected beans. It is an ideal proposition for lovers of discovering new flavors. Its original character and power of intensity stimulates all the senses. Try all the coffees in this series and find your favorite!

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