Warheads - 5 Fruity Flavors Extreme Sour (240 pieces) - 964g

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Warheads - 5 Fruity Flavors Extreme Sour (240 pieces) - 964g

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Product Description

Before the idea of extreme became a thing, WarHeads already knew about the trend. Way back in the 90s, kids would pop the extremely sour pellets in flavors like apple, black cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, or watermelon to see if they could stand the zapping intensity for 10 seconds. Few did, because it was extremely difficult. Like the name, there was a war going on in their heads and their tongues were on the front line. Rounds of sour struck their taste buds. But after the sour shower subsided they found themselves rewarded with soothing fruit flavor. Are you as brave as the children of the early 90s? See if you have what it takes when you go full force with this 240-piece tub of individually wrapped WarHeads hard candy.

WarHeads candy delivers extreme sour in five fabulous flavors:
Black Cherry
Blue Raspberry

Tub contains 240 packets of WarHeads Extreme Sour Hard Candy.

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