Nespresso - Corto - 10 capsules

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Nespresso - Corto - 10 capsules
Nespresso - Corto - 10 capsules
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Nespresso - Corto - 10 capsules

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Are you craving a punchy shot of robust coffee with just a little touch of sweetness? That’s Spanish coffee. Spain’s expert baristas inspired us to create BARISTA CREATIONS Corto. We carefully studied the interaction of coffee and milk to ensure we understood how best to create this intense syrupy cup for those bold milk recipes. Take a sip of BARISTA CREATIONS Corto with a dash of milk, and let this powerful, dark roasted blend of African Arabicas and Robusta carry you away with its intense notes of roasted coffee and peppery spice. You’ll love the silky texture and lingering aftertaste in this traditional Cortado recipe: 40ml (Espresso cup size) of coffee, 10-20 ml of hot milk and 2 spoons of milk froth on top.

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